UNFIORDISAPONE was born in 2016 in the heart of Milan with the intention of creating a soap made entirely with natural raw materials, including organic ones.
Ours is a passion for study and research that has led us to create a completely natural handmade soap, free of metals and additives harmful to the skin and the environment.
UNFIORDISAPONE creates a handmade soap starting from natural raw materials, including organic ones, and the olfactory sensations of the fragrances will bring you back to the ancient perceptions of freshness and naturalness.


Preparation with oils

Preparation with natural and organic oils. In addition to being organic, palm oil is RSPO certified. Lanolin complies with Ph.Eu.9,2017

Soap formation

Intake of oils and fats into the mixer together with sodium hydroxide and soap formation.

Soap cooking

Transfer the soap into steel tanks for cooking. The tanks are in AISI 316 stainless steel to avoid contamination with aluminum, iron and other metal ions.

Refining and fragrance

Refining and perfuming of soap

Extrusion and cutting

Soap extrusion and cutting, phases that precede the printing and packaging of soap bars.

Printing and packaging

Soap bar printing and packaging
Some parts in contact with the soap during the manufacturing process are 24 K gold plated in order to preserve the product from iron and other metal ion contamination.

Natural and organic soaps

UNFIORDISAPONE creates a soap with unique characteristics starting from natural raw materials including biological ones.
Furthermore, our suppliers have been selected by us to have products as free from metals as possible: all the raw materials used are analyzed by S.S.O.G. of Milan (Experimental Station of the Oils and Fats) in order to know all the chemical and physical characteristics of which they are composed. The metals and lavender and mimosa analyzes are attached

The soaps of UNFIORDISAPONE contain natural glycerin, unlike almost all the soaps on the market made with oriental-derived soap shavings previously subjected to deglycerinization phases.
UNFIORDISAPONE uses natural dyes, the indigofera tinctoria for the handmade lavender soap and the turmeric for the mimosa one, in order to avoid at most the introduction of metals that are present in large percentages in artificial colors.
UNFIORDISAPONE’s handmade soap does not contain EDTA, a chelator that is not biodegradable. In its place, UNFIORDISAPONE uses a natural product, rosemary oleoresin.
Our soap does not contain phthalates, polycyclic musks, parabens, GMOs and other petroleum derivatives.


Protective packaging


Essential oils and fragrances

On the fragrances of the handmade soap of UNFIORDISAPONE, the scent of essential oils and fragrances we use was chosen to bring us as close as possible to reality.

UNFIORDISAPONE uses organic essential oils in a preponderant way and maintains the levels of allergens under the legal thresholds. In the handmade lavender soap by UNFIORDISAPONE you will find only one allergen above the legal threshold of 0.01%, linalool, an essential component of the lavender flower.

You will not find allergens in the mimosa-crafted soap bar of mimosa, as we use absolute mimosa which is totally free of it.


Dermatologically tested

Lavender patch test / Mimosa patch test

UNFIORDISAPONE soap does not contain significant metals and, as a demonstration of this, we attach certifications issued by S.S.O.G., Experimental Station of Oils and Fats in Milan. (INNOVHUB Experimental Stations for Industry S.r.l.)

Lavender metals / Mimosa Metals


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100% natural soap


cocos nucifera oil*, aqua, elaeis guineensis oil**, sodium hydroxide, lard glyceride*, butyrospermum parkii butter*, sodium lactate, ricinus communis oil*, sodium citrate, helianthus anuus seed oil*, lavandula angustifolia herb oil, parfum (fragrance), citrus aurantium amara leaf oil, lanolin, rosmarinus officinalis extract, melissa officinalis leaf oil, indigofera tinctoria, oryza sativa starch, linalool.

*materie prime biologiche/ **materia prima biologica e sostenibile certificata RSPO

100% vegetable soap


cocos nucifera oil*, aqua, elaeis guineensis oil**, sodium hydroxide, butyrospermum parkii butter*, sodium lactate, ricinus communis oil*, sodium citrate, acacia decurrens dealbate flower extract, helianthus annuus seed oil, oryza sativa starch, lactic acid, curcuma longa L.*, parfum (fragrance), rosmarinus officinalis extract.

*materie prime biologiche/ **materia prima biologica e sostenibile certificata RSPO

Soap holder


Every two UNFIORDISAPONE soap bars purchased (any fragrance) you will have this elegant soap holder as a GIFT. It is ideal to let the soap bar drying, preventing it from melting in contact with residual water and allowing it to last longer.